RBA Code of Conduct Implementation

  • The table shows how the disclosures in the Canon Sustainability Report 2019 are in line with the Responsible Business Alliance Code of Conduct (Version 6.0). Not all Canon Group documents that are consistent with RBA standards are listed.
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A. Labor

Standards Disclosure
1) Freely Chosen Employment
2) Young Workers
3) Working Hours
4) Wages and Benefits
5) Humane Treatment
6) Non-Discrimination
7) Freedom of Association

B. Health and Safety

Standards Disclosure
1) Occupational Safety
2) Emergency Preparedness
3) Occupational Injury and Illness
4) Industrial Hygiene
5) Physically Demanding Work
6) Machine Safeguarding
7) Sanitation, Food, and Housing
8) Health and Safety Communication

C. Environmental

Standards Disclosure
1) Environmental Permits and Reporting
2) Pollution Prevention and Resource Reduction
3) Hazardous Substances
4) Solid Waste
5) Air Emissions
6) Materials Restrictions
7) Water Management
8) Energy Consumption and Greenhouse Gas Emissions

D. Ethics

Standards Disclosure
1) Business Integrity
2) No Improper Advantage
3) Disclosure of Information
4) Intellectual Property
5) Fair Business, Advertising and Competition
6) Protection of Identity and Non-Retaliation
7) Responsible Sourcing of Minerals
8) Privacy

E. Management Systems

Standards Disclosure
1) Company Commitment
2) Management Accountability and Responsibility
3) Legal and Customer Requirements
4) Risk Assessment and Risk Management
5) Improvement Objectives
6) Training
7) Communication
8) Worker Feedback, Participation and Grievance
9) Audits and Assessments
10) Corrective Action Process
11) Documentation and Records
12) Supplier Responsibility

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